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Oh, Snap: MAC Has Four Centers On The Rimington Watch List

Remember when NIU went bowling last year? (via <a href="">Flickr</a>)
Remember when NIU went bowling last year? (via Flickr)

This one's for you, guys who snap the ball through their legs on offensive plays!

Chris Anzevino of Kent State, Ben Bojicic of Bowling Green, Scott Wedige of Northern Illinois and Kevin Galeher of Western Michigan are four of the 42 centers put on the Rimington Trophy spring watch list, announced recently. So yes, that's about a third of the Bowl Subdivision, and a little less than a third of the MAC represented. But it's two less than the conference with the most (Big Ten + SEC, natch) has.

This is the second straight year that Anzevino has been on this list, and the third for Bojicic. So it's good to see some familar names.

And because you crave information on centers, let's delve further. Right now Wedige has to be the top guy in the conference based on him being named First Team All-MAC last year. Anzevino was Third Team, but I'd put Bojicic ahead of him because of his experience, and his absence from the postseason award list can be explained by those ornery injury issues all year in 2010. (You could argue this was a big blow to their inept offense last year.) I don't know a lot about Galaher, but last year he played in 11 games, starting three in a year where WMU's offense kept getting better as the season progressed.

So watch your centers like you've never watched them before. The list says so.