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That Was Fast: Xavier Silas Was Invited To 76ers Veterans Camp

Per the most reliable source of all, @XavierSilas himself, former Northern Illinois guard Xavier Silas will be headed to the Philadelphia 76ers' veterans camp. He didn't have his name called in the 60-player NBA Draft, but his workout and diligence paid off in this regard.

He showcased himself to a lot of teams, and a few outlets even championed him as having an efficient work ethic as well as the way he dresses in front of NBA players. But I think we all knew Silas had a few things going against him:

  1. He was injured to finish out the season.
  2. He played on a piss-poor basketball team — 9-21 MAC schools don't get players drafted to the NBA.
  3. Because he was the team's alpha scorer, he endured double- and triple-teams, so he often scored ugly.

We knew a team was going to bring him in for some type of camp. He had too much going for him for the otherwise to happen. And it wasn't just his mindset: he broke a Boston Celtics record for something called the "Celtic run," a glorified suicide sprint drill.

It's still a long way to the NBA, but for now the important step has been completed. He's with the Sixers organization right now.