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Kent State Goes To 11, Upends Texas State In NCAA Regional Opener

Why not just make 10 the top inning? (via <a href=""></a>)
Why not just make 10 the top inning? (via

Probably not the way you want to start a tournament by playing two extra innings, but sometimes you have no choice. The MAC champion and top-25 Kent State team took to Austin and won 4-2 over the second-seeded Texas State Armadillos Bobcats.

Nice stuff came in the 11th when Jason Bagoly knocked in an RBI single to unbreak the tie (and our hearts), and an empty netter was tacked on via a passed ball.

Great to see a win right from the onset, but now they get to play either top-seeded Texas or 4-seed Princeton. (Whoever wins that matchup.) And KSU just used both of their All-Kyle pitchers, starter Kyle Hallock and closer Kyle McMillen. It was more than enough to silence a team that knocks in almost seven runs a game.

And remember, this thing's double-elimination, so one loss is cool. Two aren't.