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And With That, 2010-11 MAC Sports Comes To A Close

No pressure or anything, but Kent State baseball was the last MAC sports team still playing during this season. Typically the baseball team is the last one standing, but they came oh so close to going into a region uncharted by Mid-American Conference sports: the Super Regional. (MAC teams have made the College World Series, but not since this new layer of the tournament was introduced.)

They had two shots to beat Texas. They lost both times: 7-3 on Sunday, 5-0 on Monday.

And with that, the 2010-2011 season of MAC sports comes to a close. It's not like paid too much attention to baseball around these parts — not out of spite, we just don't have the time — but this is the official ending. We now have a long hefty summer of vacation, speculation, and #MACwoodSquares. I wish I had something pithy to say here, but it doesn't really feel any different than it did a week ago, did it? There's still a ton of offseason information to disseminate and digest — this Ohio State news is still bubbling in the ol' head — and even though the games are dormant for a couple months, that doesn't mean our focus is.

Update: What a stupid I am.

@HustleBelt Not true. We still have MAC Athletes at the NCAA Track and Field Championships.less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply