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We Can't Believe You're Not Blogging About The MAC Yet

We have it on good authority that there are 50 days until Temple-Villanova, Toledo-New Hampshire, CMU-South Carolina State, and BGSU-Idaho. Our source is a calendar. Our hearts are aflutter.

I had fun going solo last year but am being told it's more fun when in a group. I am of course referring to blogging about the MAC.

You're going to see volume increase somewhat through the coming months, increasing the odds that you'll enjoy even more of the Mid-American hustle blogging you so dearly crave and deserve.

If you're interested, either drop me a line (email address is at the tail end of the page), tweet me @HustleBelt. State your case, be it fandom or writing experience. Whether it's a desire to pen stuff about the entire conference or just one team/sport, it's all welcome. And yes, all sports are fair game, not just football and basketball.