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MAC Players Signed By NFL Teams As UDFAs: A (Mostly) Complete List

Bear in mind that this information was mostly Twitter-harvested and is compiled on websites run by diligent humans corralling kittenish rumors. Much of this has been verified. But here's a list of all the known Mid-American Conference players who signed with NFL teams this week. And all of this becomes official Wednesday morning.

If we're missing anybody, speak up!

UPDATE 1: Added Matt Berning.
: Added Neal Dahlman and Sean Murnane.
UPDATE 3: Added Marquise Liverpool.
UPDATE 4: Added Michael Switzer.
UPDATE 5: Added Davonte Shannon.
UPDATE 6: Added Jeremy LaFrance.

OT Corey Woods — Patriots
WR/CB Jalil Carter — Rams
WR Jeremy LaFrance — Eagles

The first UDFA I heard about was Woods. An offensive player from Akron. Try processing that. Amazed that Carter also found a team. Great to hear that a man who switched sides of the ball his senior year is able to get a chance at the next level. And then LaFrance was signed to the Eagles. I don't know if he'll have much of a chance to crack that talented team, although he was Akron's top wideout coming into the 2010 season.

DE Robert Eddins — Bills
OL Michael Switzer — Bills

I'm a little surprised he was signed, but good for him. He was second team All-MAC and had a season-high 4½ sacks against CMU. Switzer will join him in Buffalo.

OL Tyler Donahue — Rams
LS Neal Dahlman — Bengals

The offensive line is what actually killed BG, but he was one of the healthy highlights.

S Domonic Cook — Bills
S Davonte Shannon — Redskins

For Cook, this just makes it easy to remember where he signed. Keep it in the same town. Shannon will have to go a bit farther from home, but I have a feeling he's going to see a decent amount of playing time this year. I'm still waiting for Brandon Thermilus to get with a team — he has NFL size and they say he's recovered from his injury.

CB Vince Agnew — Dolphins
LB Nick Bellore — Jets
OL Jeff Maddux — Lions
P Brett Hartmann — Texans
C Colin Miller — Steelers
LB Matt Berning — Jets
DT Sean Murnane — Bears

The Chips production of NFL talent continues here. Bellore was a no-doubter who may find it hard to crack the linebacker depth chart in New York. Brett "The Puntman" Hartmann has a decent leg who can routinely get a 40-yard punt every time. Agnew was a third team All-MAC cornerback. Jeff Maddux was second team, playing mostly left guard. Miller was second team as well. And Murnane was a third team All-MAC defensive lineman.

None yet.

S Brian Lainhart — Bengals
CB Kirk Belgrave — Falcons
LB Monte Simmons — 49ers
LB Cobrani Mixon — Lions

I'm really curious how many schools overall had four senior defensive players sign as UDFAs.

WR Armand Robinson — Steelers

One of the standouts of the MAC Championship game got his payday with Pittsburgh, who appareantly loves their MAC offensive players.

RB Chad Spann — Colts
WR Landon Cox - Bengals
CB Chris Smith - Rams

Spann was a no-doubter, simply a matter of where-is-he-going. Cox didn't get much recognition as one of Harnish's primary targets but he did snag a third team All-MAC. Smith, a first team All-MAC cornerback, was the lone UFL pick from the MAC, therefore so much for that dream. And it doesn't look like Jake Coffman even pursued the NFL otherwise he'd be on this list.

DL Stafford Gatling — Jets
CB Julian Posey — Jets
WR Terrence McCrae — Steelers
WR Steven Goulet — Raiders

Posey has some talent, but can he make the 53-man in New York? I'm not sure. McCrae is yet another MAC receiver in Pittsburgh, joining Robinson and CMU's Antonio Brown. Gatling and Goulet were total shocks to me. But you know the Raiders and their mercurial wideout chocies. Still, congratulations to them and their chance at becoming a pro.

C Kevin Kowalski — Cowboys

I read that he might stay home and play with Cincinnati, but instead Kowalski will join former teammate Barry Church down in Dallas. He just might have a chance as Dallas continutes to slough off veterans. Still expecting linebacker Archie Donald, if nobody else, to find a team.

LB Amara Kamara — Chiefs
LB Elijah Joseph — Packers
NT Elisha Joseph — Packers
OL Colin Madison — Ravens
OL Darius Morris — Ravens
QB/TE Vaughn Charlton — Steelers
WR Michael Campbell — Jets
DB Marquise Liverpool — Lions 

The motherlode! Seven total signees to go with their two draftees. So, so much to digest here. First: the Joseph twins remain together in Green Bay. A pair of linemen in Baltimore. Vaughn Charlton counts as both a quarterback and receiver for MAC obsession purposes; nice hybrid pickup! Amara Kamara rhymes, and that's why the Chiefs took him. And if all his teammates are doing it, Campbell deserves a chance too.

WR Juan Nunez — Browns

This could be another steal for Cleveland who's tapped into the MAC well before with Josh Cribbs. Nunez probably won't be that type of player but the opportunity is there in Cleveland to be a presence in the offense and, if nothing else, another person for kickoffs.

Are we missing any players? No doubt we are. Pipe up!