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NCAA Football 12 Seems To Have Forgotten LaVon Brazill And Noah Keller

If you didn't bring enough outrage to the party, we'll give you a couple sips. While perusing fake football rosters via the TeamBuilder tool on EA Sports' website where NCAA Football 12 custom teams can be made (and actual rosters browsed), it was discovered that the Ohio Bobcats are missing a couple key players from their template.

Huge pieces to their season, in fact: wide receiver LaVon Brazill and linebacker Noah Keller are not on the roster. There ought to be a WR #7 (Brazill) and MLB #47 (Keller), but there is no #7 on the team, and #47 is a freshman defensive end.

Brazill and Keller have one thing in common: in 2010 they were both seniors who missed substantial time and received medical redshirts to play in 2011.

The Bobcats SID said that the developers used to contact them to discuss such roster issues. But maybe they just go straight to the websites now. As of this posting 12 of the 13 MAC football rosters for the 2011 season are posted, and OHIO is the exception. (OHIO said they'll post the roster during MAC Media Days later this month.)

These are huge omissions if they're not in the game. Keller was a 2009 All-MAC second-teamer, and Brazill was a second team Sporting News All-American punt returner by the Sporting News. Last year Keller tore a ligament in his toe in the Ohio State game, and Brazill had surgery to repair a broken hand. Both seniors were granted medical redshirts for 2010 based on how much time they lost.

I'm not certain if the TeamBuilder rosters are the final product in NCAA 12. The game comes out next week so that'll be the final confirmation. This may require a journalistic excursion to GameStop.