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Turns Out Ohio Actually Beat Ohio State Last Year

On October 8, 1921, Oberlin College defeated Ohio State University in football, 7-6. It was the last time OSU had lost to an in-state opponent. We were all awaiting the most-anticipated matchup between a depleted OSU and an exciting Toledo team on the rise in 2011. The streak would have been in jeopardy.

Eight years is a long time. Many of our parents weren't even alive in 1921.

But on closer inspection, it turns out Ohio State scheduled Ohio University in 2010 and never beat them. I was under the impression the Buckeyes won 43-7 on September 8 but I must've been fed back information. No such win exists for OSU for that whole season.

So ... the streak is over. We did it! Congratulations, Ohio University! And you too, EMU. What a way to bounce back from an 0-12 season by beating Ohio State. Mighty impressive.

Of course, it'll still be worth watching Toledo on September 10 when they play OSU because for once I'd like to actually see an Ohio team beat OSU. I still can't believe I don't remember OHIO winning that game last year. That's not like me.