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Belt Loops: Jordan White Can Finally Tie A Bow Tie

Some MAC links to get you going this morning:

• Sixth-year WMU senior Jordan White learned how to tie a bow tie by tying it around a juice box. He had six years to get  this down, but now that he's finally mastered the art of the snappy dresser, he's going to encourage other teammates to wear it accordingly. (Oh, and possibly finally win that MAC title.) [MLive]

• Akron basketball is getting ready to play five exhibition games in Canada against Canadian university teams. This is something the NCAA permits teams to do once every four years. Head coach Keith Dambrot said they chose this year because of the high roster turnover. []

• We're being teased with new Buffalo football uniforms. I don't like being teased. [UB Bull Run]

The Philadelphia Eagles bolstered their line with two MAC alum: CMU's Cullen Jenkins and WMU's Jason Babin. That's about as MAC as you can get a defensive line. []