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Ohio Beats Georgia In Division I NCAA Party Championship

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Akron soccer may not repeat as champions (too many people were drafted into the MLS) but at least the MAC brought home a second straight title in as many years. It's not a sport technically recognized by the NCAA but it certainly counts in the hearts and minds of tailgaters.

The Princeton Review annually ranks the most rambunctious institutions of learning, and put Ohio number one atop the party schools, their first top ranking. Defending champion Georgia just couldn't keep up with OU's majestic Halloween party, alcohol-soaked rivers, and majestic hills replete with crevasses to hold secret keggers and slam poetry sessions.*


Last year Ohio University was ranked second behind the Bulldogs, and I'm not entirely sure what helped them vault over the SEC powerhouse, but I bet it has to do with the mascot attacking other mascots like a drunken hooligan, whereas Georgia's mascots just gracefully passed away.

Other MAC appearances in top 20 categories:

• OHIO was just everywhere. They ranked first in "most beer," second in "most hard liquor," sixth in "best athletic facilities," 11th in "most beautiful campus," 11th in "most popular Greek life," 12th in "best college newspaper." Booze, booze, parties, sports, scenery, booze parties, and journalism. That should be their motto.

• Buffalo (14th), UMass (15th) and Temple (18th) were all placed in "least beautiful campus."

• Temple is the 10th most racially interactive campus, while Miami ranked 6th in least racial interaction.

• Temple (again!) was 12th in having the least-accessible professors.

• Miami was ninth in the least amount of financial aid.

• UMass was 10th in the best campus food; hope they can continue serving that up for next year when they don't play their football games on campus.

* - Guessing on this one. I may be thinking of the movie Dead Poets Society.