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Kicker Rap Wars Are Raging Through Buffalo Training Camp

Buffalo kicker/punter Peter Fardon has been sharing some thoughts on his blog, Kickin' It, during UB training camp. I wish more people did this, but usually it's limited to tweets about how hard they worked, how tired they are, and maybe some inspirational "rise and grind" quotes. One of the ways he says they unwind is dropping lyrical bombs:

The team continues to bond off the field and in an effort to allow some members of the team with lyrical writing abilities, a rap battle has been setup to take place over the next few days during our breaks, so should be interesting to see who is crowned champion.

Since Fardon is Australian, we'd REALLY like to hear him perform the lyrics.

He hasn't shared any of the submissions yet, and I'm not even sure if the raps are actually about being a Buffalo kicker. But I hope they are, and that open submissions are welcome. May I present to you, "F*ck The Holder," a Hustle Belt original:

Three points on the line, feelin' fine
Jersey clean, face lookin' mean
Got my shoes tied, high with pride
Snap was there but the kick was wide
I'm automatica like Gramatica
I swish 'em like Suisham
But this was no good like Norwood
I was gonna rock it like Amadeus
But the holder was more at fault than San Andreas
There ain't no doubt Like Dan Marino the laces were out

Ahem. So Buffalo was 8-for-13 on field goals last year (2-for-6 from beyond 40) and averaged 36.8 yards per punt. Not great numbers, but they can separate themselves in the MAC if they can be the most rhythmic group of special teams in the conference.