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Music of the MAC, Vol. I: Akron

Hustle Belt is, of course, a blog devoted to Mid-American Conference sports. But there's more to the MAC than just sports: there are 12 (+1) universities turning out thousands of students a year. And some of those students go on to do careers of (at least mild) renown. So to shine a spotlight on some MAC success in the world of entertainment, we're starting a weekly series, "Music of the MAC." If it works well, we may do the same for movies, TV, etc. If not, well, at least you can read the posts and think to yourself, "I didn't realize he went to Northern Illinois!" So, without further ado, our opening act, from Akron:

THE BLACK KEYS. Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, the two guys who make up The Black Keys, both grew up in Akron and went to the University of Akron before leaving to pursue music. They formed the band in 2001, and have released six albums of blues-influenced rock to date. The video for "Tighten Up," the lead single from their latest release, Brothers, won the VMA (insert stock joke about MTV not showing music videos any more) for Breakthrough Video.

(via theblackkeys)

And that does it for our first installment of Music of the MAC.  Next week: Ball State.