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Random Idea: The MAC Should Sponsor Non-Sports

MAC Mario Kart, sort of imagined.
MAC Mario Kart, sort of imagined.

We've previously floated the idea out there that the MAC could someday have their own hockey league. BGSU, Miami and WMU have teams with interest in Ohio, EMU and Buffalo. My personal dream is for the MAC to have a curling league. In college I curled for BGSU against teams from EMU and Miami.

It's probably not going to happen, but with all the discussion of the MAC trying to gain more national mainstream attention, HDTV networks and additional revenue, perhaps it wouldn't take much to set up some stuff the other way, making competition totally accessible to those in the conference.

Sponsor non-NCAA sports, or non-sports altogether. MAC euchre. MAC mini-golf. MAC chess. MAC air hockey. MAC rock-paper-scissors.


These are low-cost events that wouldn't need much more than a game room, a webcam to simulcast the tournaments and student interns to write up simple recaps.

We are all seeing what's happening down in Miami of Florida. Big sports corrupt and there's no way out. Emphazing the purity of competition is one of the great assets the MAC has, and they could underscore this tenet by sponsoring ridiculously non-athletic, good-natured competitions.

It comes back to curling. Now, curling is a serious sport to some, but college curling was simply a blast to play. The competition level is low, low, low. That people organized tournaments and round-robin events centered around guys like me, who gets winded easily and can barely catch a football, was one of the most incredible experiences I had. And other could have it too. It's a great way to network and have a bit of needed hilarity.

If nothing else: MAC Mario Kart. I would be willing to referee. Or live blog it.