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Belt Loops: Sean Baker Won't Go Hitchhiking Soon

Some MAC links to push you into the weekend:

• Ball State super safety Sean Baker has broken his right thumb, but it sounds like he's on pace to play the season opener against Indiana. You know how those defensive players are. I've seen them have broken hands and they get their hands wrapped up like a cudgel. I also wouldn't be shocked if, after the Indiana game, he sits one out because it's not Indiana anymore. [The Star Press]

• There's still a Toledo football commercial being played where dismissed linebacker Isaiah Ballard is making a tackle. I wonder if anybody buys tickets specifically wanting to see the man that made that play, and then demand a refund. [Toledo Blade]

• Thanks to TMMPF for doing a Q&A with me about the upcoming OHIO football season. What I learned is that a player from Akron is named Phil Tonga and he has the hair you would expect him to have. [TMMPF]

•  The first actual no-foolin' regular season MAC competition begins today. Like, TODAY. It's women's soccer, if you're into that. [MAC-Sports]

And we'll get to the new basketball tournament format later today, giving it its full due attention. In the meantime, here's Breese and Riordan giving their opinions.