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There Is A 162 Percent Chance Someone Wins The MAC Football Championship

CORRECTION: New commenter Ed_Severson pointed out that odds are not probability, rendering my math about as useless as an NCAA secondary violation. The actual chance someone wins the MAC is 136 percent. I still like those odds. But I personally believe there is a 162 percent chance it happens.

I'm not sure if you're getting out to Las Vegas any time soon, mostly because you never call anymore. But if you are, then the odds for all teams to win their respective conferences have been released, although it seems a little shady to thrown down large wads of cash on college athletics. Bet Monopoly money instead, or Zelda rupees!

Nonetheless, they are useful tools for us to determine what people think will happen in the coming months. Casinos have shiny gold walls because they know exactly how to construct odds so that the fans are split down the middle. With that, here are Bodog's odds for winners in each of the MAC divisions, as well as overall:

Mid-American Conference Champions
13/4: Toledo
7/2: Northern Illinois
4/1: Temple
5/1: Miami
5/1: Ohio
8/1: Western Michigan
16/1: Central Michigan
25/1: Kent State
30/1: Akron
33/1: Bowling Green
35/1: Ball State
35/1: Buffalo
40/1: Eastern Michigan

Initial thoughts: No surprises anywhere at the top. I do get a kick out of Akron sliding ahead of four other longshots. Wonder if that is the Lone Ranger bump.

If you think you understand betting, think again. Add up all these percentages and you come up with 162%. Yeah, I get that there's probably not a way to bet on "everybody" and result in the black. And if someone does, they just move the odds. What a crafty guild of moneymakers.

Divisional odds after le jump.

MAC East
Temple                          2/1
Ohio                             2/1
Miami Ohio                    5/2
Akron                            15/2
Buffalo                          12/1
Bowling Green               14/1
Kent State                     15/1

MAC West
Toledo                           3/2
Northern Illinois              9/5
Western Michigan          15/4
Central Michigan            13/2
Ball State                      12/1
Eastern Michigan           12/1