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Our 2011 MAC Football Preview Guide

In case you missed any of our football previews scattered throughout the past month, here are all the links. Remember, this coming weekend is the last football-less respite before the fun starts next Thursday evening.

• Western Michigan preview — The offense can score, the defense will let them
• Toledo preview — They will beat many others, if not Ohio State
• Northern Illinois preview — Eyeing another return to a bowl game in Idaho
• Eastern Michigan preview — Easy schedule could dictate a .500 record
• Central Michigan preview — Still at least a year away from competing again
• Ball State preview — Let's see what Lembo can make of this team

• Kent State preview – Black squirrels trying to break even
• Temple preview — Hey, where'd all the defense go?
• Miami preview — Good luck repeating the dream season
• Ohio preview — Undefeated? Hold your tongue
• Akron preview — They could conceivably double their win total
• Buffalo preview — A veteran quarterback appeareth out of nowhere
• Bowling Green preview — Now holding open auditions for running back

And then there's our own MAC preseason poll. That should just about cover it.