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BGSU Defeats Ranked Michigan In "Football"

Neat! So who scored the safety? (photo via <a href="" target="new"> Enright</a>
Neat! So who scored the safety? (photo via Enright

Last year BG fell to Michigan athletics in the following sports:

Baseball: 8-5
Basketball: 69-50
Football: Unable to recall score, entirely possible no score was kept
Hockey: 4-1, 4-2, 5-1, 4-1
Soccer: 5-1
Softball: 4-2

That's nine games and nine losses. Usually the hockey team is good for one poke-check into the Wolverines' record but they were just noncompetitive in every game they played.

All of that has been avenged. BGSU's first soccer game of the year against ninth-ranked Michigan resulted in a positive 2-0 victory in front of a record crowd.

Goals were scored by youthful midfielders: freshman Danny Baraldi and sophomore Ryan Snashall put 'em into the net in the 64th and 88th minutes, respectively. This also snapped a six-game losing streak they had against the Wolverines in this very sport. The Falcons had consecutive victories against UM in 2000 and 2001.

They announced an attendance of 2,133 which is more than triple the previous "record" (looks like the attendance marks go back 15 years). That's also more than their total attendance in six games last year (1,934), which included a home game against Michigan State. So excellent job by the BGSU staff to pack Cochrane Field with all those humans.

And it's not like BGSU all of a sudden has a strong team. They were picked fourth in the MAC (out of 7 teams) Last year the Falcons finished 6-9-3 with a 3-3-0 MAC record, exiting in the first round (read: semifinals) of the MAC tournament. I don't know how good this team can be, but a win over a ranked school is one way to begin a great year. UM isn't going to be the best team they face this year; that would be Akron, and that showdown is October 26 in Akron.

BG's next two games are both at home: a very good Cleveland State and a not-so-dangerous IPFW. Methinks the attendance won't reach the two-grand mark again.