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Belt Loops: Akron Soccer Is Back To Their Zippy Ways

Some MAC links to begin your Monday:

• In soccer, No. 2 Akron got all worked up and stormed to a 5-0 victory over Cleveland State, setting yet another attendance record and extending their home unbeaten streak to 40. Nice revenge for their lone loss last year. Darren Mattocks scored twice for the Zips. [Plain Dealer]

• NIU is focused on winning the MAC Championship this time. Part of that goal includes blocking out any plans to go the NFL right away, even though Scott Wedige is listed as the top NFL prospect at center. Also, no messups on 4th and 20. [Daily Herald]

• Former 4-star UCLA cornerback Marlon Pollard transferred to Eastern Michigan for this season because his dad knew Ron English. And hey, I'm not saying EMU's going to be competitive, but their defense doesn't appear to be rolling over any time soon, not with all the influx of transfers that'll contribute this year. []

• In women's soccer, Toledo almost piddled away a 4-0 lead at home to IPFW, who scored three goals between 77:43 and 84:55 but held on for the 4-3 victory. Much of this was attributed to subbing out the first-team after the fourth goal, but IPFW did likewise. So I guess no matter what you do, four-goal leads are safe within the final 13 minutes. []

• And, jeez, look. A MAC preview done by a national media outlet that did their homework. It's as if they care! [CBS Sports]