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Belt Loops: Meet Rocksy, Toledo's Feminine Astronaut

Well, that's certainly a female mascot. (via <a href=""></a>)
Well, that's certainly a female mascot. (via

Some MAC links to get you through this Wednesday:

• While you were sleeping, they were making a female Toledo Rockets mascot. You may recognize Rocky as being kind of a cheater mascot since he's a hominid, but he needed some companionship. The votes are in, and "Rocksy" is going to debut this year, but not at any athletic events quite yet.

According to the Blade report, other name suggestions included: "Rachel, Ricki, Rochel, Rochelle, and Rockelle." I rather fancy Rockelle, but I didn't vote so I can't complain. And doesn't it seem a little sad that Toledo is bringing another astronaut on board while NASA has no use for theirs anymore?

And furthermore, how does she know Rocky? Are they brother/sister? Husband wife? Celebrity/stalker? This is crucial information. Go hard with a back-story or go home. [Toledo Blade]

• Don't call it a thin line. The CMU linebackers have more experience at the position than you might think, even with the loss of Matt Berning and Nick Bellore. [The Morning Sun]

• Former Ball State punter Reggie Hodges, now of the Cleveland Browns, tore his ACL and is out for the year. Don't worry. Ball State has more where that came from. [The Star Press]

• Likewise, Bills safety and UB product Domonic Cook could miss up to six weeks with a knee injury. You know football's back when the injuries start rolling in. [Buffalo News]