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2011 MAC Pick 'em

Football season is near!  And with the upcoming season, we will be starting the inaugural MAC Pick 'em.  Fans will be able to get bragging rights for their expertise, and anyone can be a part of the fun.  Just create an account and register by "pledging" with a simple reply to this post.  It's that easy!

The Pick 'em will run from September 1st's games all the way through bowl season.  Scoring will be discussed later.  The slate of games will consist of MAC games only, non-conference and conference.  Tiebreakers will be used, and each week, the leading picker will win top honors, and temporary bragging rights.  Maybe a picture of a trophy if you're lucky.  Winner of the whole thing will get full out bragging rights, with maybe a little something extra if we can figure out a victory prize.

More after the jump.

Scoring will be as followed:

Non-conference games with a MAC Team
MAC conference games
Game(s) of the Week (as voted on by fans and decided on by admin)
x2 bonus
MAC Championship game
Bowl Games with a MAC team
Bonus for detailed/explained picks


Two main tie breakers will be used, with a possible 3rd used in Bowl season if needed:

  • Week-by-week ties will be broken by correctly picking team with HIGHEST total in the week, followed by LOWEST if needed.  If tie remains, either rock-paper-scissors best 2 out of 3 will break tie, or co-winners will be announced
  • Overall winner tie will be broken with MAC Championship score.  If both pickers were correct on the game, then total points will be used.  If tie remains, then halftime points will be used.
  • If tie remains, then Bowl season tiebreaker is implemented.  Total points scored by MAC teams will be determine winner.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment.  Registration ends on August 27th, so join before it's too late!

  • UPDATE!!!!!!!  Picks lock in when you reply.  After you write the initial reply each week, you cannot change your picks.