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Belt Loops: We're All About Blog Synergy

• Let's see. What are we doing outside the blog? For one, I'm on the voting panel for The Detmer Award, a fun little ditty run by the football blog Saturday Blitz which honors the weekly best in non-AQ players. They just released the preseason favorites and the voting will recalculate after every weekend. It's going to be hard to limit myself to fewer than one MAC player on this list. So that the list wasn't QB-heavy, I threw Bernard Pierce on the list and held back on Chandler Harnish, although both of them were tied for sixth on the voting. Jordan White also received some love. [Saturday Blitz]

• And I do voice spots too! Many thanks to Eric of the Ohio State sports blog The Buckeye Battle Cry for having me on their podcast to discuss the Akron-OSU matchup this weekend, as well as throwing me a bone and letting me discuss the MAC as a whole. [The Buckeye Battle Cry]

• Akron holds their No. 2 ranking in soccer while Michigan fell from ninth to ZERO votes after their loss to Bowling Green. []

• Here's full audio of the teleconferences from the 13 football coaches back on Monday. [MAC-Sports]

• For those who get the channel, SportsTime Ohio will be airing their MAC Football Preview show, in the event you need your weekly dose of Michael Reghi one week early. It airs at 11 p.m. tonight. [STO]

And a casual reminder of Thursday's football schedule, because OMGFOOTBALL:

7 p.m. — South Carolina State at CMU
7 p.m. — New Hamsphire at Toledo (ESPN3)
7 p.m. — Villanova at Temple (ESPN3)
9 p.m. — BGSU at Idaho (ESPN3 — just added to the list)