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For Traveling BGSU Fans: How Not To Find The Kibbie Dome

I want to clear up some confusion for any Bowling Green fans traveling to Idaho and expecting a football game. This has happened before.

The picture below is the Kibbie Dome:


Its where the University of Idaho plays its football games. It's a small arena but a great home-field advantage. Some would call it cozy. Others may enjoy its central A/C for hot or frigid climates, depending on teh day. It looks like a stadium and ticket-takers will accept your BGSU-Idaho game tickets for entrance into the facility for its 6 p.m. (local time) event.

This is the Kibbeh Dome:


It's the Pacific Northwest's largest Mediterranean appetizer. Your tickets are not valid for this stadium. You can buy a ticket into the Kibbeh Dome to eat the walls for dinner. Pita bread costs extra. There are no televsion sets in this game, so the BGSU-Idaho game cannot be seen here.

So if you're planning on watching a MAC-WAC football game, I urge you to look for the Kibbie Dome.