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Buffalo Bulls New Uniforms: Ready for ProCombat

The new football uniforms for the 2011 Buffalo Bulls.
The new football uniforms for the 2011 Buffalo Bulls.

After an interminable period of teasing from Victor E. Bull (in a fairly bum attempt at boosting the number of Facebook fans) the Buffalo Bulls finally unveiled their new uniforms for the 2011 season at their Kickoff Luncheon today. I am not sure that I can genuinely either love or hate these uniforms, but I suppose we can discuss nonetheless.

I could go on ad nauseum about the tweaks and changes that were made, but I think I'll let Tim from Bull Run take the lead on this one. Follow along after the jump for - that's right - grown men discussing football fashion

So let's start off with Tim's take on the uniforms:

I think my expectations were so low that this gets up over the bar, albeit barely over the bar. Its a bit of a fuzzy picture but we can tell that the numbers are too small. We can start to see the fat white stripe on the blue away pants (can't see the lettering)...

So how low were my expectations? This is kind of what I expect was going on in the design room. A mix match of different 'hip' features brought to you by the mind that created Homer Simpson's Dream Car.


As for me personally? My first instinct is that they look an awful lot like the Detroit Lions. They seem alright, but then you have to factor in the (as yes undisplayed) stripe down the pant sides. I don't know yet, but the wording from the press release sounds strange:

The word "Bulls" will be featured down the right leg of each set of pants

We saw a preview of that here and all I can think is that looks hideous. A white stripe down the edge of a blue pant leg is nothing special, but then add on that a) the stripe is mesh against that smooth blue, and b) they then added a black "BULLS" down the pant leg. Just in case you weren't sure who you were watching. It also doesn't match the striping or outlining on the jerseys at all. Yes, I know black goes with black, that's not what I meant.

Also, are they being literal? Are both the stripe and the word only going to be on the right leg? Will both sides be striped and one side worded? Both on both sides?...problem is, I don't think any of those answers being "yes" makes me fee any better.

The jerseys are odd as well, as if they purposely made the numbers on the front small so that they could fit that silly "BUFFALO" between the collar and the number. The design in terms of jersey cut and two-tone striping is not shocking, this is ProCombat's "thing", but it almost feels like someone said "wait, if we're gonna have black pants we better put black on the jersey somewhere."

Overall I appreciate the changes, and there's some potential here, but especially given the potential absurdity of the pants stripe, I'm only going to give them a B-. At least they didn't touch the helmet. I'll reserve final damnation for when I see these uniforms in use.