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Freddie Barnes Is Going Roughriding In The CFL

The Saskatchewan Roughriders began the CFL a dismal 1-5 due to a collective failure of bad defense and bad offense. Signing BGSU graduates can certainly one of those sides — no offense to Super Bowl ring-owning linebacker Diyral Briggs. But news out of Regina has the Riders bringing in wide receiver Freddie Barnes, who tried to make it in the NFL with the Chicago Bears, but alas didn't.

If you're a Roughriders fan — admittedly it's the one CFL article of clothing I own, thanks to that one business trip up yonder — then you're going to like this guy. He's not overly speedy but he's incredibly versatile, having started his career as a running quarterback and evolving into a possessions receiver. It's more than just his NCAA record for most receptions in a season (155 in 13 games)

Saskatchewan has a few MAC players on the team already: Kent State offensive tackle Dan Goodspeed and WMU running back Brandon West, the latter of which also has an NCAA FBS record for most career all-purpose yards. Honestly, between West and Barnes you think they'd be set on offensive numbers.

Something's missing.

Ah! Need a quarterback? How about a nice Drew Willy or a gently-used Tim Hiller? Perhaps you're in the mood for the reigning CIFL Offensive MVP Tyler Sheehan? He's more than ready for the CFL, as defined by his current league's acronym. Just drop the "I" and he's all set.