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Week 3 MAC Pick'em

Each week we'll be doing a pick'em for games featuring our MAC teams. If you want to know more, check out the rules and scoring .

Well, I really turned that into a mess. Through the chaos of missing a line of games, and trying to make sure everyone picked games, tallying the totals for Week 2 was a mess, but it SHOULD be correct.

First off, let me say that TinManJoshua could have been co-winner, but he left out his USF-Ball State pick, and most everyone went with the bulls. Very few people thought that GOTW winner Kansas would win, and missed out on those 2 points. All in all, with 1 bonus point this week, making it 14 total points to be had, our winner, with 13 points is................bull_trojan!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats, you win confidence.

Scoring is as followed, with totals so far too!




bull_trojan 13 26
Matt Sussman 12 28
HuronBoy 12 27
TinManJoshua 12 27
rlonghini34 12 26
cmadler 12 25
culby 12 24
slidingscrapes 11 23
OHBCats 11 27
Brown and Gold 11 26
WMUpilot 11 26
ChippewaBlue 11 26
geeves 11 24
rovitz707 11 24
thechuck_2112 11 24
mattsledge 10 24
TyP 10 10
bmiraski 10 23
BCBull 0 14
Tim Riordan 0 14
miz_zou 0 13
matt man 0 12

Whew. Week 3 after the jump.

We have a full slate of games this week (somehow I forgot Miami last week and their bye......), and that includes 2 MAC games. I will offer a poll for this week's GOTW, but unless their is a favorable swing in any one way, it will be Central Michigan @ Western Michigan on principal. Sorry, I have to do it.

On to the picks, and I promise I'll double check this time.......


#4 Boise State @ Toledo - I see Boise State, and their talent is amazing. Their coaching is amazing. Toledo is good, but not good enough. They might hang in their before Kellen Moore throws around that Rocket defense.


Eastern Michigan @ Michigan - Does it really need to be said? Well, look at it like this, undefeated vs undefeated. Shhhh, don't say anything, it'll ruin the moment.

Wyoming @ Bowling Green - Why go against the new look Falcons, at home, at noon? I threw this in as a GOTW Candidate for the fact it's Non-AQ vs Non-AQ, undefeated vs undefeated.

Penn State @ Temple - This actually might be a tough pick. Penn State is coming off a huge game (albeit a loss) against Alabama. It's hard to get up for Temple after that. I do think Penn State's talent can win this game, but mark my words, it will be close.

Central Michigan @ Western Michigan - Did you have to ask? Do you need to know? Ok. WMU is clearly the stronger team heading into this game. Central has struggled, and Western barely has. That said, I could say that going into last year's game, and then I have to suppress more memories. Cubit knows his contract is on the line in this game. He's 2-5 against the team up north, and must right the current 4 game losing streak.

Miami (OH) @ Minnesota - Again, a tough one for me. But the way Miami struggled at Mizzou makes me have to pick the Golden Gophers for some reason.

Akron @ Cincinnati - It's Akron.

#8 Wisconsin @ Northern Illinois - After NIU somehow lost to Kansas, there is NO WAY they beat a scary good Wisconsin team.

Marshall @ Ohio - I'm going with the Bobcats at home. I just think that Marshall may be good, but Ohio will be better.

Buffalo @ Ball State - Ball State just had a rough night. Hopefully that's the truth and it's not that they just got up for the Indiana game, and really played their souls out only to throw the rest of the season down the drain.

Kent State @ Kansas State - Probably a decent basketball game. But this is football, and I still will go with Kansas State in the battle of the KSUs.

High: Bowling Green
Low: Eastern Michigan

Also, THIS WILL BE THE LAST WEEK WE PUBLISH ON SUNDAY (Unless we have Tuesday or Wednesday games).