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Boo Jackson Signs With The UIFL's Canton Cougars

Boo Jackson tweet.
Boo Jackson tweet.

Cleveland may still be mourning the loss of LeBron James but at least the state of Ohio will have Boo Jackson to rally around. Jackson, a former Ohio Bobcat, tweeted early this morning that he was faxing his contract (which he also posted a picture of) in to the Canton Cougars front office to officially join the team.

The Cougars are apart of the Ultimate Indoor Football League, a league that just finished up its inaugural season.  The UIFL had six teams last year but expanded to 16 for the upcoming 2012 season. All of the teams are located on the east coast and three are based in Ohio. The Saginaw Sting won the league's first championship in Ultimate Bowl I with a 86-69 victory over the Eastern Kentucky Drillers.

Canton was the league's worst team last season, finishing with a 1-13 record. The Cougars had five different quarterbacks throw at least 20 passes last season but the QB spot on their team website's roster page is listed as "currently vacant."

"Got to take the cards that are dealt and keep grinding! Not giving up on this dream!," Jackson tweeted.

Jackson figures to have a good shot at the starting job.