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Central-Western Preview Part II: Game Discussion With Broncos Fight On

This is the 2nd part of the preview for the rivalry game between Central Michigan and Western Michigan.  If you want to see the first part, click here.

For the 2nd part of the preview, we will actually be looking at the game itself.  To spice things up, I planned on having a round-table discussion with rovitz707 and BroncosFightOn, but rovitz had some circumstances that prevented his involvement.  Nevertheless, follow me over the jump to read what two Bronco fans had to say about the game.......

Brown and Gold:  I say we start with good news.  Chleb Ravenell and Brian Fields are both set to play this weekend.  What impact do you see them having individually?

BroncosFightOn:  Fields should really help with the running game I think, but Ravenell playing might not have a huge impact.  Carder already has a ton of options.  What do you think?

Brown and Gold:  Fields will absolutely go into Beast Mode tmrw after last year's abomination on the 3. Ravenell will have a good game too, since I somehow seeing White, whom I absolutely think is the best player we have, will have a tough game in double coverage.

BroncosFightOn:  That's a good point about White being double covered.  Btw, how do you think our D will do?

Brown and Gold:  I think our defense will do well.  Honestly, with Tipton out, I don't see That Team Up North relying on their run game tomorrow.  I see Radcliff trying to put the team on his back, but Western should be ready for it this year.  If they aren't, its going to be a LONG game, and long night.

BroncosFightOn:  right.  I think our D will play well.  That line will eat CMU up.

Brown and Gold:  Prediction on the number of sacks we get?

BroncosFightOn:  probably 2, but there will be pressure all day.

Brown and Gold:  Since this is a game preview, we do have to talk about them.  What do you think they'll do good tomorrow?

BroncosFightOn:  well they'll obviously play hard, its a rivalry, duh!  And their throwing game will probably be decent.  Like you said, they won't be able to run.  Defensively, they just won't be able to keep up.  I predict a 38-28 final.  They'll put up points.

Brown and Gold:  I honestly think we will just be too jacked for this game.  These players have had a little over 10 months to think about last year's disaster.  Seeing them last week, they just wanted to get to this game.  I don't think they want to do anything but demolish Central tomorrow.   That said, I have to predict a 38-14 game.  For some reason I have to break from the "close game" norm of this rivalry.  If they DO stay in this game, it will scream bad for the Broncos tomorrow.

BroncosFightOn:  yeah.  The Broncos have to shut them down completely, from the start.  Can't let the CHIPS hang in there.

In came a short conversation about possibly starting a new tradition.

Brown and Gold:  Lets give the readers a good drink to enjoy the game to.  What do you recommend?

BroncosFightOn:  Morning tailgate?  Kahlua and coffee.  A Western win?  Bell's Porter.  If we lose?  Straight whiskey, alone in a dark room until dawn.  For the casual fan?  Bell's Two-Hearted.  I'm all about Bell's.

Brown and Gold:  Never had it, I'll have to try it sometime.  After this game, where do you see each team going with the rest of their season?

BroncosFightOn:  Central will be lucky to go .500.  Western?  They can go anywhere from 10-2 to 7-5, but probably 8-4, beating either Illinois or UCONN, more likely the later.

Brown and Gold:  Looking at CMU's schedule, I have to agree.  5-7 is very realistic with a loss tomorrow, making this game much more important for them. 

BroncosFightOn:  I have to say 4-8, beating Ball State, Kent State, and Akron.  I think EMU will get 'em this year.

Brown and Gold:  Oh wow!  If any team would get the Chips, I would've gone with the good Kent State defense, finally coupled with an offense late in the year.

BroncosFightOn:  That makes a lot of sense.

Brown and Gold:  Lets wrap this up.  We'll end on a confidence question, and instead of 1-10, we'll use the many great Kalamazoo bars.  So how confident are you?

BroncosFightOn:  The Beer Exchange.  Classy, poised, determined to do work.

Brown and Gold:  Never a bad choice.  Well thanks for your participation, and hopefully we can include an opposing writer in the near future.


Well that wraps up our preview for tomorrow's rivalry game.  I would say good luck to both teams, but my parents taught me not to lie.  So ummmm, someone else wish the Chips good luck.