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MAC Pick'em Week 3 Results

Hiya folks!  We are trying out a new format this week, one part is going to stay that way, with this being the flex.  Let me know what you think.

Anyways, it was an interesting week last week in the pick'em.  We had two newbies come in.  One did bad, the other went perfect.  Unfortunately, he didn't read the rules, and didn't get his points for detailing his picks.  Tough luck.

The most common game everyone missed on this week had to have been Wyoming beating Bowling Green.  Other common mistakes were Minnesota beating Miami and Ball State beating Buffalo, in that order.  

All in all, we had a 3-way tie this week for our winner.  Our tiebreak goes to the high team, and we had two teams go high this week (WMU and OHIO at 44).  Myself and TyP both picked Bowling Green to go high (I honestly didn't know Western was going to release 5 years of oppression on Central), while our winner won by picking Western.

He's getting good at this, your winner this week is.........OHBcats!!!!!!!!!  Yeah, he wins again.  Official scores from the week will be posted after the jump.  Overall scores will be posted for the Week 4 Pick'em.  See you then!



OHBcats 16
Brown and Gold 16
TyP 16
tmerrifi 15
TinManJoshua 15
rlonghini34 15
cmadler 15
slidingscrapes 15
WMUpilot 15
Matt Sussman 14
HuronBoy 14
geeves 13
mattsledge 13
bmiraski 13
ChippewaBlue 12
miz_zou 12
bull_trojan 11
Tony Capobianco 9