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MAC Power Rankings: Week Four

Well would you look at that, the Ohio Bobcats have risen to the top. This shouldn't be surprising, I don't think you could put an undefeated team any lower.

Some serious shuffling going on, but there are teams that have definitely not impressed any time recently (Toledo, NIU) or at all (Kent, Akron). As usual, follow after the jump for my commentary and....wait for it...HELMET GRAPHICS!! HT to Mr. Ben Miraski for un- fuster clucking that for me.

Argue at will in the comments, folks.



Rank Rank (Pv) Team Record What We Learned
1 4 (3-0) Tyler Tettleton stole the show again, as he and his defense remain undefeated. This is an impressive showing thusfar, and I don't think I could realistically keep the conference's only undefeated team out of the top spot heading into a road trip to Jersey.
2 1 (2-1) Temple's defense again looked strong, but Mike Gerardi and Chester Stewart combined to do absolutely zilch against Penn State's defense. Maybe one of them will manage to show up against a talented but beatable Maryland squad?
3 5 (2-1) Probably should have beaten Wyoming, must move past offensive miscues and into the second conference game of the season on the road against Miami.
(2-1) WMU's defense (and offense) handled a decidedly inferior CMU team as expected. Let's see what happens on the road against a ranked Illinois squad.
(1-2) Well, that didn't go as planned. The first NCAA stinker of a Friday night game belonged to the Rockets, who were put in their place by a very good Boise offense. They'll face a far more beatable Syracuse team on the road this week.
(1-2) The 49 points allowed to Wisconsin wasn't shocking after what Kansas did, but the seven offensive points can't make anybody feel good. Great time to play a home game against Cal Poly and get back on track.
7 7 (2-1) Ball State and Keith Wenning were just good enough to beat Buffalo. I have no idea exactly what that says about anyone besides Wenning, nor does it give me any sense of whether they'll be able to handle Army at home.
8 6 (0-2) Couldn't quite take care of Minnesota, and things won't be any easier against Bowling Green this weekend. Rebuilding might take a bit longer than originally planned, at least as far as the standings are concerned.
9 9 (2-1) No offense to anyone, but Alex Gillett has been awful at QB thusfar. Sure he's run the ball 32 times for 210 yards, but he's also completed only 49% of his passes (take out the opening drive vs ASU and he is 7 of 20 for 53 yards 1 TD and 1 INT the last two games). A strong running game is nice, but is not enough to have a chance against Penn State.
10 10 (1-2) OK, so broad and sweeping statements about Chazz Anderson might have been a bit premature. Here's hoping the defense can get back on track at home against UCONN and not blow a 14 point lead with a Jekyll and Hyde performance again.
11 11 (1-2) The offense continues to struggle, but who knows what to expect from a CMU team that hung in against Kentucky when they go on the road to face a Michigan State team that destroyed FAU then got destroyed by ND
12 12 (0-3) This week against South Alabama might wind up being their only win all season.
13 13 (0-3) Playing VMI. See above. Ugh.