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MAC Pick'em Week 4

I know, I know, it's a day early. Well, here's the thing, you either get the Pick'Em and a WMU preview, or the Pick'em and no preview. I make the rules, I pick both. When you're all growed up, and have your own Pick'Em, you can do whatever comes into your little blogger head of yours (bonus point for whoever correctly identifies that adjusted quote first).

Anyways, I promised everyone you'd get the overall standings on this post, and I'm a man of my word (only people within 15 points were counted:



OHBcats 43
Brown and Gold 42
TinManJoshua 42
Matt Sussman 42
rlonghini34 41
WMUpilot 41
HuronBoy 41
cmadler 40
slidingscrapes 38
ChippewaBlue 38
geeves 37
mattsledge 37
bull_trojan 37
bmiraski 36

Picks after the jump..........

So this week is a 2-pt discussion week. I don't know why, but it just feels like that to me. Steady stream of games all day too, so there should be no boredom.


Central Michigan @ Michigan State - I don't need any Central fans to remind me that they've beaten State three times. Once back in the 90's, and twice during the LeFevour Era don't count in the new Dan Enos "We are BAD" Era.

Toledo @ Syracuse - This is kind of tough, but I can't pick a team that just got spanked by USC, and let Wake Forest and Rhode Island hang with them, even if they are at home.

Eastern Michigan @ Penn State - Penn State is just way to overpowering in this match-up. Eastern is better, but still will get smoked.

Temple @ Maryland - This is a tough pick, but I think this Maryland team is for real. A close loss to a good West Virginia team, and with the QB controversy over in Philly, I just don't see Bernard Pierce carrying the team.

Bowling Green @ Miami - I went with the Falcons last week, and got screwed. But Miami just isn't that good. I have to go with the Falcons, but won't be surprised to see Miami win.

Ohio @ Rutgers - While Rutgers will have had 2 weeks to prepare for this game, I just like Ohio and Tyler Tettleton to knock Rutgers back to their Big East cellar place.

VMI @ Akron - Akron can't possibly blow this can they? One of these teams walks away with their first win, you have to believe it'll be Akron right?

Army @ Ball State - This Army team is confusing. They got smoked by NIU, but then turned around and upset a "good" Northwestern squad. Same for Ball State. You know, I had picked the Cardinals to win, but I have to switch. I think Army is the better squad in this game.

Western Michigan @ #24 Illinois - A rematch of the 2008 game, in which Western upset the high octane offense ran by Juice Williams at Ford Field. Illinois remembers that game, and even though this WMU squad is compared to that '08 team, I just think Illinois knows what to expect this time around.

South Alabama @ Kent State - Kent State HAS to find their offense eventually. Right? Anyone?

Cal Poly @ Northern Illinois - It's Cal Poly, what are they gonna do? Throw a prolate spheroid to each other? Oh wait...........

UCONN @ Buffalo - This UCONN squad is still learning the ropes. Yet, while this week they aren't on upset alert, the same can't be said for next week.

My high-low for the week (first time I remembered before publishing!):

High: NIU
Low: Eastern Michigan