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Toledo Now Has Their Wide Left

I can't say I'm "disgusted" by missed plays in sports. They happen. They're hard to see. But when Toledo fell to Syracuse in overtime 33-30, all I could think of was Ross Krautman's extra-point on SU's go-ahead fourth-quarter touchdown to make the game 30-27.

On the replay it was pretty evident — and the Big East Network broadcasting team felt this as well — that the ball went in front of the goalpost and sailed left. But the replay confirmed the good PAT.

SportsGrid has video:

Coaches will always expound on the maxim that one play doesn't determine a win or loss. Also puzzling was the first play in overtime where Austin Dantin took a chance in the end zone, only to be intercepted by Kevyn Scott. Syracuse then marched along a little and hit the game-winning field goal. Deep throws aren't what Dantin does best.

You could also point to the play immediately before that: Toledo's 4th and goal on the 3-yard line. A touchdown would have won-or-lost it, but Tim Beckman gave the green light for the field goal. I liked the field goal because Toledo was playing Syracuse evenly all game. What were the odds of Dantin making something happen on the right hash?

So it's our nature to keep cycling back to the extra point. The replay system wasn't designed to make 100 percent of the on-the-field injustices right, but this seemed like a clear-cut miss. A field goal would have won it. Would have, should have, wasn't.

But the nonconference shenanigans are over. UT played Ohio State well, Boise State as best they could, and Syracuse pretty decently considering their depleted reserves. All that's coming up for them next week is Temple.

And, hey, only three penalties all game!

UPDATE: Big East officials announced that the call was wrong.