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MAC Pick'em Week 4 Standings

What a crazy day of football.  Akron got their first win, Ohio got their first loss, and Toledo got screwed on the single-worst missed call of all-time (at least in my mind).  Through it all, we have a winner for the week.  With 15 points, your winner is...............Matt Sussman.  Congratulations, you win your own blog on SB Nation.  If you already have one, sorry about your luck, but you can only have one, so this reward is worthless.

By the way, nobody even attempted to name the quote's origin from the pick'em page.  Armageddon was the movie, better luck next time I guess.

Scoring for the week is as followed:



Matt Sussman 15
ChippewaBlue 14
OHBCats 13
Brown and Gold 13
bmiraski 13
tmerrifi 13
rlonghini34 11
slidingscrapes 11
WMUpilot 10
geeves 10
mattsledge 10
HuronBoy 9
thechuck_2112 9

Week 5 Pick'em SHOULD be up on Thursday, if we don't have another early release date. Overall scores will be posted then too.