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Belt Loops: No MAC Teams In ESPN's Bottom 10

Some MAC links as we hustle through a head cold midweek:

This might be a first. I don't have the diligence to prove this, but as Mark Schlabach's amusing "Bottom 10" is unveiled today, let's look at them:

1. New Mexico 0-4
2. Memphis 1-3
3. UNLV 1-3
4. Florida Atlantic 0-3
5. Maryland 1-2
6. UAB 0-3
7. Middle Tennessee State 0-3
8. Minnesota 1-3
9. New Mexico State 1-3
10. Oregon State 0-3


Good lord. No MAC teams included!

OK ... OK ... calm down everyone. Act like we've been here before. [breathes into paper bag]

The closest we get is Maryland, who took the No. 5 spot, a running gag position they give to a team that royally choked but isn't necessarily one of the worst. On the outskirts of the 10 include Akron, CMU, Miami, Kent State, Buffalo and "Elevators in Buffalo."

• We've been fortunate to watch several games online for free, be it ESPN3 or the MAC streaming it on their website. As Ball State plays No. 2 Oklahoma for the first time in school history, you might be able to finagle your way into a radio feed. Because it seems like the game will only be available on a pay-per-view basis. 40 bucks. That's unfortunate because while it remains a longshot that the Cardinals can thump the Sooners, it's closer than it was a month ago. Ball State is 3-1 and looks to have a dynamic offense. Who'd have thought? [NewsOK]

• EMU senior guard Tavelyn James was selected by Team USA's women's basketball team to participate in the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara. Before she'll likely break many school records, she'll be the first MAC player to be named to this team and help the Americans defend their 2007 gold medal. Neat stuff. [EMU Athletics]

• West Virginia coach Dan Holgorsen on Bowling Green: "It isn't a fill-in game. It's a quality opponent." Must be why the Mountaineers are favored by 20 points in some circles. [Daily Mail]

• Could there be a letdown in Temple after beating up Maryland 38-7? Toledo's in town. That might happen. []