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MAC Power Rankings: Week Five

A little shakeup at the top, but not too much. Miami continues to fall because they continue to be winless, and Ball State makes another jump with another victory. (I initially moved them higher but didn't think WMU's near loss deserved dropping them a slot).

Next week things start to get interesting with more regular conference play, and the top of the conference might start shaking out...or at least getting some separation.

Berate in the comments as you please.

Rank Rank (Pv) Team Record What We Learned
1 2 (3-1) Bernard Pierce is a monster. Flat out. Too bad Toledo's pass defense is the weak spot. Maybe Chester Stewart has some confidence now?
2 1 (3-1) Tettleton showed up…his teammates less so. Their offense will get a sturdy test against Kent's talented defense…at least until they're exhausted in the second half from being out there forever.
3 3 (3-1) They keep on winning, with a huge matchup this week against #22 West Virginia in Morgantown. Even as vengeful as WVU will be, this is a winnable game for the Falcons - if Schilz can stop turning the ball over.
4 4 (2-2) An impressive near-win against a ranked opponent on the road. I fully expect them to take care of UCONN on the road the way Buffalo couldn't at home.
5 7 (3-1) Another great performance has put Keith Wenning solidly into conference PoY conversations, and the Cardinals into the MAC West contender conversation. Too bad they have to face #2 Oklahoma on the road this week.
6 6 (2-2) I know it was in the second half after they were up big, but 30 points to Cal Poly? Really? Hopefully that cruise control is the reasoning, otherwise even CMU's meager offense will look stellar on Saturday.
7 5 (1-3) Shoulda woulda coulda. Games aren't won and lost on single plays, but foolish officiating is very unhelpful. Traveling to Temple doesn't make life any easier.
8 9 (2-2) Offense really struggled, but Michigan and Penn State are much further ahead of EMU that Akron is (or isn't). Could be a nice chance to get back on track at home this week.
9 10 (1-3) Three trips inside the 15 yard line. Three points. Yeah, good luck improving on that on the road against Tennessee.
10 8 (0-3) Simply can't put more points on the board than their opponents. Being outscored 30-13 in the fourth quarter is a great way to start 0-3. Outscoring that Cincinnati offense…well, we can hope.
11 11 (1-3) Speaking of offense, does this team have one? 85 rush ypg, and Radcliff is completing half his passes with 4 TD and 6 INT. They'll get a shot at redemption against NIU's shoddy defense this week.
12 13 (1-3) Chisolm went off and the offense in general finally showed signs of life. It was against a sub-par opponent, but they get a chance to do it again this week against the slightly better EMU defense.
13 12 (1-3) Welcome to last place, Flashes. Yes, the offense produced. They also came *thisclose* to blowing a 33 point lead. To South Alabama. Good luck against an angry Bobcats squad.