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MAC Pick'em Week 5

That was a wild month. Still is technically, but by the time MAC games start, it'll be October.

And what did we learn? That Ball State might contend in the MAC West this year, that Northern Illinois has no defense, and that Miami (OH) might be in some trouble. Along with Bowling Green's emergence of a run game and the fact that Toledo can get hosed on the worst call of the century, we learned a lot.

Now we turn to October. Baseball season is FINALLY coming to a close, and we can all focus full heartedly on football. Hockey season is starting you say? Well damn. Dare to dream I guess, unless you live in the north, where it is a dream for hockey and football seasons to be on the same time.

But enough about my babblings, lets look at the overall standings after 1 month, or 4 weeks (again, if you are roughly a full week back, you aren't counted):



Matt Sussman 57
OHBcats 56
Brown and Gold 55
ChippewaBlue 52
rlonghini34 52
WMUpilot 51
HuronBoy 50
bmiraski 49
slidingscrapes 49
geeves 47
mattsledge 47

If you are not on this list, feel free to ask for your points, and I will oblige. You are just 15+ points back of the Suss.

Picks after the jump!

Note: All MAC teams will have their power rankings (courtesy of geeves) as their ranking from here on out.

SATURDAY!!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

#7 Toledo @ #1 Temple - Such a tough pick in my mind. Toledo has looked SO much better than 1-3 (or 2-2 if you will, but that's another story...). That's what you get when you travel to the Shoe and host Boise State in your first four games though I guess. Meanwhile, Temple is good. Scary good. They just obliterated a Maryland team that beat a good Miami team earlier this season. I can't pick against Temple here, its too risky.

#9 Buffalo @ Tennessee - Buffalo just hasn't looked good this year. If they couldn't beat Big East bottom-feeder UCONN last week, they won't beat Rocky Top.

Cincinnati @ #10 Miami - Tom Petty puts it best for Miami. They are "FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, FREE FALLINNNNNN". Anyways........Cincinnati flexed their muscle last week against NC State. No reason to think they can't do it against a Miami team that is looking like one of the worst in the country.

#12 Akron @ #8 Eastern Michigan - The Futility Bowl. Akron didn't look great in their game against VMI. Eastern has shown signs of decency this year. Easy pick in my mind.

#13 Kent State @ #2 Ohio - If Kent State had an offense, imagine how good they'd be. Alas, they almost blew it last week versus South Alabama, so I can't even think about giving this game to them. Ohio is coming off a tough loss to Rutgers, but now get to focus on the road to the MAC Championship, and none of the pressure of a pesky BCS Bowl game.

#4 Western Michigan @ UCONN - This is not a homer pick. At all. UCONN is bad. They put up 17 on Buffalo. Western almost knocked off #24 Illinois last week. If Western does not win this game, I will personally start a petition to have Bill Cubit fired barring any unforeseeable circumstance (i.e. White gets hurt, Carder throws 4 picks on horrible throws, etc).

#3 Bowling Green @ #23 West Virginia - Trap game for the Mountaineers, who are coming off that tough loss to LSU last week. As good as BG has looked this year though, I don't see them winning this game. Stranger things have happened though. . .

#6 Northern Illinois @ #11 Central Michigan - NIU may not have a defense, but Central doesn't have an offense. I don't see Central winning this game, or even finishing the 5th or better in the MAC West right now.

#5 Ball State @ #1 Oklahoma - I like the AP poll better. Makes this game look better anyways. If Ball State looked like crap against South Florida, they have a rough game ahead of them this week. They really could make a statement though with a good game. I'm still not sold on Ball State, but I they can make a statement the two weeks after this game.

My High-Low:

High: Northern Illinois
Low: Ball State

Best of luck everyone, and enjoy a 1-point weekend (I promise we'll have a 3-pointer next weekend)!