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Michigan 34, WMU 10, Lightning Eleventy Billion

One way to win a football game: move the ball on the ground, stay in position on defense, and tackle well on special teams. Or just build a lead through nearly three quarters and get some strong lightning all around you.

For safety reasons (and probably the correct ones) they decided to mutually agree that no more football was necessary, especially since further storms were on the way and Michigan Stadium was on its second lightning delay. When you keep having to evacuate 109,000 people, eventually fewer people are going to return and will get lost in the jungle known as Ann Arbor, finding shelter in the various deli sandwich shops and coffeehouses.

Before the lightning dominated both sides of the ball, Michigan was on its way to an even bigger margin-of-victory.

But to start out, WMU actually resembled the dominant team for the first 20 minutes. It all came unglued when Alex Carder's arm was jostled by Michigan's Jake Ryan, ending in a pop-up throw that was returned 94 yards for a touchdown. When WMU tried to claw back into the game after a 20-10 halftime score, Carder coughed up another turnover, this time a fumble on a Jordan Kovacs sack, and Herron had his second return TD on the day.


However we saw flashes of what WMU might be this year. When on, Carder might be the best quarterback in the MAC. Having someone like Tevin Drake in the backfield could be a game-changer. Jordan White will catch that which is thrown to him. Three great skill players is sometimes all you need to put up points. But they only put up 10 points and "allowed" 12.

Next week is a tune-up for WMU to get those 40 points of which they're capable when they open their home slate against Nicholls State.