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NFL Roster Cuts: Muhammad Leads MAC Rookies to Promised Land

Yesterday was the NFL deadline for teams to make their final cuts and pare their rosters down to the 53 players that they intend to carry during the regular season. There were many MAC players who almost made it, biting the dust during today's final round of dismissals, but a handful hung around and will attempt to make an impact with their respective teams.

Follow after the jump and we'll take a look at who hung on, in order of how likely they are to keep hanging on throughout this season.

Muhammad Wilkerson (Temple) - Wilkerson did far more than just survive the roster cuts, as he will be the starting left defensive end when the New York Jets open their season in Reliant Stadium against the Texans.

Jaiquawn Jarrett (Temple), Nick Bellore (Central Michigan) and Kevin Kowalski (Toledo) - These three have all earned backup jobs. Jarrett will be the backup free safety in Philadelphia, Bellore will join Wilkerson as a backup right inside linebacker with the Jets, and Kowalski will be the abckup right gaurd for the Cowboys.

Davonte Shannon ((Buffalo), Chad Spann (Northern Illinois), Robert Eddins (Ball State), Archie Donald (Toledo) and Darius Morris (Temple) - These guys all, to be blunt, just barely made their respective teams rosters as depth and/or special teams guys. Shannon is listed as the Redskins' #3 strong safety in their base 4-3, Spann beat out Javarris Thomas as the Colts' fourth-string running back, Donald is the #3 wakside linebacker in Cleveland's base 4-3, Eddins is the bacup left outside linebacker in Buffalo's base 3-4 and Morris is listed as the #3 right guard on the Texans' depth chart. Granted, sometimes "not getting cut" is all the break a guy needs to make something of himself, but only time will tell.