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Each week we'll be doing a pick'em for games featuring our MAC teams. If you want to know more, check out the rules and scoring .

Whew! That was a fun week. Between Thursday night football, and rain-delayed, rain-shortened, and rain-postponed football, Week 1 is technically not over. However, since everyone predicted EMU over Howard, I am giving EVERYONE the point just on principal. So even if Howard pulls the upset, consider it a gift from me for taking part in Week 1. Also, if you think I made a mistake for you for the week, or just want your total, feel free to shoot me an email with your blogger name, and I can check/explain your points.

On to our winner for the week!

First off, one person was perfect last week, rlonghini34. However, he did not get the 3 bonus points for detailed picks. Our winner won the tiebreak. He beat Matt Sussman (who's only wrong pick was Idaho over his beloved BG Falcons), due to the fact that Miami put up 6 points, over Kent State's 0 (yep, we went to the low team tiebreak).

Therefore, your Week 1 winner is......... OHBCats!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats, you win a pair of tickets to today's EMU-Howard game!!!!!!

Total scoring here:



Matt Sussman 16
OHB Cats 16
Brown and Gold 15
WMUpilot 15
ChippewaBlue 15
HuronBoy 15
TinManJoshua 15
BCBull 14
mattsledge 14
rlonghini34 14
cmadler 13
geeves 13
rovitz707 13
bull_trojan 13
miz_zou 13
thechuck_2112 13
matt man 12
culby 12
slidingscrapes 11
TyP 0

Week 2 after the jump......

Week 2 brings us the our first MAC game! Yeah!!! Plus, this week, we will have 4 GOTW candidates, and NO nominations for others. This is mostly because the "other" was RARELY explained last week. Plus, this week has some better games (at least on paper).

So onto the games!!!!! Again, my picks are in BOLD. And all games are on Saturday! Also, only one point this week for detailed picks.

Central Michigan @ Kentucky - Before Thursday, I would pick CMU in the upset. But CMU looked AWFUL against South Carolina State, so I'll go with Kentucky.

Toledo @ Ohio State - MAC Homer pick possibly, but I think Toledo can do what Ohio State did to Akron, and then some. Should be a high scoring game, but Toledo CAN pull this upset.

Alabama State @ Eastern Michigan - Eastern Michigan could be on a winning streak heading into week 3, and presumably should be.

Temple @ Akron - First MAC game of the season, and it shouldn't be close. Temple by 30 at least.

Stony Brook @ Buffalo - Shouldn't be too hard for Buffalo to win this one should it?

Ball State @ South Florida - South Florida hung with a good, but sloppy, Notre Dame team. At home, should wear Ball State out.

Northern Illinois @ Kansas - What many would think would be an upset, it really isn't. If you want more on why, just read Spencer Hall's piece on the Big XII, and scroll down to the Kansas section.

Louisiana-Lafayette @ Kent State - Kent State apparently didn't play bad against a good 'Bama team. At home against the Ragin' Cajuns should be a nice win. Also, ULL wins best nickname of the year, unless you can be Ragin' Cajuns. I dare you to find one.

Nicholls State @ Western Michigan - As long as it doesn't rain, I take Western Michigan in a blow out. If it does rain, it COULD get interesting, but Western still should be able to win. (I still can't shake that fall out from the rain delay. It's mind bottling.)

Well that does it for me this week. Good luck to everyone in Week 2.


Uhhh, so on Sunday, while I was busy running errands and trying to type this up, I seemed to forget the fact that Ohio and Bowling Green have games too. My bad.

Morgan State @ Bowling Green
Gardner-Webb @ Ohio

I really don't think either need explanation, especially after Bowling Green's strong showing Thursday.