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Hustle Belt Power Rankings: Week Two

Chandler Harnish and new head coach Dave Doeren celebrate at midfield after the team's first victory of the season.  ~NIU Athletics
Chandler Harnish and new head coach Dave Doeren celebrate at midfield after the team's first victory of the season. ~NIU Athletics

Here we have it. One week into the football season and what have we learned about the MAC? Well...not a whole hell of a lot, but that won't stop me from putting the power rankings on shuffle mode. Complain all you want, it's my power rankings and I'll do what I want - except put Bowling Green in the top slot. Can't pay me enough to do it, boss,

Some teams proved some talent (Buffalo), some teams proved their mettle (Miami), but most just proved they could embarass a bad team (except CMU). Follow after the jump for the details


Rank Rank (Pv) Team Record What Did We Learn?
1 1   Northern   Illinois (1-0) The defense earned major bonus points for showing up - at least the first team defense. The fourth quarter should be enough to put a major fear of injuries into Huskies fans. Oh, and Chandler Harnish is ridiculous. bmiraski
2 2  Toledo (1-0) Even silly annoyances like having to sit in class on game day didn't stop the Rockets from plowing through opening week. Oh, they played New Hampshire? Hey, a win is a win, no matter what it doesn't prove. geeves
3 6  Temple (1-0) Hugely impressive offensive performance against admittedly a depleted Villanova team. If this is what the new Temple offense will be, they are suddenly the East favorites. bmiraski
4 4    Ohio (1-0) Tyler Tettleton looked pretty impressive, regardless of the fact that his opponent was only asmall step up from the practice squad defense. geeves
5 9  Ball State (1-0) Hey Pete Lembo! Are you gonna go to Disney World?! Oh yeah, right. You should probably coach those other 11 games first. geeves
6 3  Miami (0-1) Miami was impressive in losing their opening game, as they may not have won on the scoreboard, but certainly made sure their opponent paid the price for locking helmets with the defending conference champion. geeves
8 8  Central Michigan (1-0) Chippewa fans have to worry, because if it takes this much to beat an FCS team, imagine what will happen when the opponents are good.  bmiraski
7 11  Bowling Green (1-0)  The Falcons really liked playing Arena Football. Next they'll likely lobby the MAC to implement the rouge from Canadian football. bmiraski
9 12  Eastern Michigan (1-0) If a team makes it halfway to last year's win total in the first week, and it comes against an HBCU not exactly known for being a powerhouse, even at the FCS level, does anyone besides cmadler notice? geeves
10 5  Kent State (0-1) Hard to tell exactly what you've got when some of your biggest questions coming into the season were on offense and you open your schedule on the road against a murderous defense. They stay out of the basement by managing to score. geeves
11 7  Western Michigan (0-1) The fourth quarter was really when they were going to turn it on. bmiraski
12 10  Buffalo (0-1) The Bulls most definitely have something in Chazz Anderson. How good that something can be, or whether they have anything besides that something, well… geeves
13 13  Akron (0-1) Lost on passes to the tight end, something the Buckeye offense hasn't had in five years. Watching it had to feel like watching the zipper scene in Something About Mary. bmiraski