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Holy Frack: The BGSU Stroh Center Rap

For those of you who have been waiting for the rap debut of the BGSU Philanthrophy Boyz, consisting of longtime BGSU fans Kermit Stroh, Bill Frack, Allen Schmidthorst, Larry Miles, and Neil Young, anticipate no further. And it's not as terrible as it sounds.

The Stroh Center, Bowling Green's new basketball arena opens tonight with a volleyball game against Michigan State, but more importantly THERE IS ALSO A RAP MUSIC VIDEO OH GOODNESS OLD WHITE MEN IN SHORTS:

Well, at least it rhymes and has generous men dribbling basketballs. Is this best music video to come out of BG since the Evolution of Dance? Perhaps if Frack had any speaking parts.

The clubhouse leader for most scintillating MAC-Based Rhyme of the Year has to be "cardigan sweater" with "Wapakoneta." Try and find a better one.

We already did BG's Music of the MAC, so perhaps a late addition is required.

(HUGE h/t @hickeybuns33)