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Torian Oglesby Sets NCAA Record Thanks To High-Percentage Shots

I'm not entirely too sure how well Bowling Green is going to fare in the stacked MAC East, but at least they're more exciting than their on-paper record and stats indicate. They have some of the best athletes in the conference and more to the point Torian Oglesby has to be considered among the top dunk specialists. Maybe that's too harsh a phrase: he does more than dunk, but primarily he stays around the basket, rebounds and defends.

And he's stayed on assignment so well that coming into BG's New Year's Day game at Texas-San Antonio, he had made 16 consecutive shots — all of them high percentage. They lost in overtime to UTSA but Oglesby had 20 points and 13 rebounds, but was more pertinently 10-for-10 from the field, setting a new NCAA Division I mark for consecutive baskets made: 26 in a row. Of course, six of those shots were dunks and all of the points were in the paint. But records don't account for style points. (And he missed all three free throws he took today.)

The previous record was set in 1978 by a gentleman named Ray Voelkel for American University, now a high school coach in New York City. I don't know how Voelkel made his baskets, but thanks to modern box scores we can see the breakdown of Oglesby's shots:

vs. WKU: layup
vs. Malone: 4 layups, jumper in the paint
vs. Valparaiso: dunk
vs. Michigan State: 2 layups, 2 dunks
vs. FIU: 2 dunks, 2 layups, jumper in the paint
vs. UTSA: 6 dunks, 2 tip-ins, 2 layups

His last missed shot was against Temple. Of course it was a missed dunk. Otherwise the record would be 28.

On the year he's 33-for-37:

DUNKS: 11/12
LAYUPS: 18/31
TIP-INS: 2/2

So if Oglesby can stay within his own ability and not try to take any baseline jumpers (and why would he?) then he might be able to extend the record beyond 26. Their next game is January 7 against OHIO. I might have to travel down to this just to see if the record can continue.