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Ten MAC Players Will Play In Tonight's Casino Del Sol All-Star Game

I've only ever heard of the Senior Bowl and the East-West Shrine Game. Those events are later in the month but tonight there's something wacky called the Casino Del Sol All-Star Game, played in Tucson, Arizona. It's going to be on Fox Sports/Arizona and may or may not be on one of the other FSN channels. Who knows. Anyway, here are the 10 MAC players listed on the rosters for both teams:

Stars (East) Team:

Temple safety Kevin Kroboth (#37) (third team All-MAC)
OHIO linebacker Noah Keller (#44) (second team All-MAC)
BGSU center Ben Bojicic (#61) (third team All-MAC)
Akron guard Jake Anderson (#68)
Temple guard Wayne Tribue (#69) (third team All-MAC)
WMU defensive tackle Drew Nowak (#70) (first team All-MAC, MAC Defensive Player of the Year)
Kent State defensive tackle Ishmaa'ily Kitchen (#93)

Stripes (West) Team:

Toledo cornerback Desmond Marrow (#3) (first team All-MAC)
Ball State safety Sean Baker (#25) (first team All-MAC)
OHIO tackle A.J. Strum (#71) (third team All-MAC)

Essentially it's a bunch of lineman and defensive players. Sadly there are no offensive skill position players will be on display. Kind of a drag to watch for the big tackle or turnover, but Nowak, Marrow and Baker all had outstanding careers on the defensive side, while Bojicic and Strum were excellent linemen. I don't think any of these 10 players have much of a draft profile right now, so anything they can do to catapult themselves into at least an UDFA position will be the best they can likely hope for.