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This Rigid MAC Basketball Conference Schedule Is Pretty Soothing

There hasn't been much posting lately because ... well, the last games were Saturday. Make sense?

There are six games tonight meaning all 12 teams will be returning to the court, and that's kind of the way it ought to be, isn't it? The more games are spaced out, the weirder the schedule can be sometimes. Plus, a schedule where teams have three then four days off is a much more rigid football-like schedule, which really helps us plan our evenings.

I took a gander to see if this is a new thing. This year there are 10 days in which men's basketball has all 12 teams play on the same evening. Thanks to Statsheet for being there so I could comb their historical schedules:

2012: 10 six-game conference days
2011: 2
2010: 7
2009: 3
2008: 4
2007: 3
2006: 7 (including six straight "nights," but also the most recent time they had conference games in December)

And then prior to that we had Marshall gunk up the schedule with a 13th team. Remember Marshall?

So this is a new thing. Maybe it'll change next year, maybe not. Enjoy it while you can, unless of course you loathe it.

Here are tonight's games, all at 7 p.m. EST, conference records indicated only:

Kent State (2-1) at OHIO (1-2) (SportsTime Ohio) (Possible Livestream)
Akron (3-0) at Buffalo (1-2) (Possible Livestream)
Ball State (2-1) at Central Michigan (2-1) (Possible Livestream)
Western Michigan (2-1) at Eastern Michigan (2-1) (Possible Livestream)
Bowling Green (1-2) at Miami (1-2) (Possible Livestream)
Northern Illinois (1-2) at Toledo (0-3) (Possible Livestream)