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So, Hey, 2012 Football Preseason BlogPoll Ballot? Why Not?

Greetings, loyal readers of the finest Mid-American Conference blog of all-time. You know me around these parts for writing about Ball State sports, whether it's Nate Davis worship, wallowing about late-hit calls that shouldn't have been made or lamenting about the disappointing Cardinal men's basketball season (more to come in the future).

But perhaps, most important, I'll be the site's representative in SB Nation's weekly BlogPoll. We've been asked to do a preseason poll already, so, ya know, why not! Here it is. WARNING: I failed already by not placing any Hustle Belt teams in the Top 25.

A few thoughts after the jump:

  • I originally had LSU No. 1 and may switch it next time. However, Alabama's expected to have the No. 1 recruiting class, plus the whole national championship thing.
  • Two teams I'm very bullish on: West Virginia and Michigan State. But I dropped the Spartans a bit because I'm a huge wuss and am a bit concerned about the post-Kirk Cousins era and his beautiful blue eyes (phrase trademarked by the Ty and Dan at the Solid Verbal podcast).
  • Put Ohio State in there even though they'll be on probation, and the Buckeyes will certainly regroup from last season's disaster. I can be swayed to leave them off future ballots.
  • BELIEVE IN VANDERBILT! I'm on board with James Franklin and company, and plus I needed a little something to mix it up. Feel free to yell at me and tell me to put Toledo or my beloved alma mater, Ball State, there.