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MAC in the NFL League Championship Games

It has been two straight weeks of horrible defeats for MAC-heavy NFL teams. First the Steelers and then the Packers. Both were in the Super Bowl and both had the most MAC players. It only made sense for them to have success. However, this year is different. One team could manage to make the big game with exactly zero players from the underrated league. This would be a tragedy.

Baltimore Ravens:

Nobody. Zero. Zilch. Nada. In the land of defense, no players from the offensive-minded Mid-American Conference were chosen to be part of the Ravens scheme. However, with the addition of UMass to the East, the Ravens will get a better chance at scouting MAC players in the near future to play on their team. There is hope for the future.

New England Patriots:

DB Julian Edelman, Kent State

New York Giants:

MLB Chase Blackburn, Akron

WR Domenik Hixon, Akron (IR)

San Francisco 49ers

LT Joe Staley, Central Michigan

It's slim pickings. You've got Edelman, who used to be a WR this season. Blackburn, who just got added to the NYG roster. HIxon, who you won't see take the field. And finally Staley, a lineman that doubles as a receiver occasionally.

Let's do this.