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Proof That Terry Bowden Can Bring Speed To Akron

Terry Bowden left North Alabama in a hurry, but I'm not sure if that was a citable offense. He does, however, have two unpaid traffic tickets in his name that he has yet to pay. As a result, a warrant has been put out for his arrest connected to the upward of $500 that he's yet to pay.

One was for going 60 mph in a 30 mph zone, and one was for a bad tag. Since he didn't show up in court for these, his license was suspended. With his new Akron salary of $375,000, he should be able to pay for those and/or a chauffeur. Hey maybe that can be Rob Ianello's new reassigned job.

But it's not all off-putting news. Bowden hired former NC State head coach Chuck Amato to be the defensive coordinator, only adding to the name-brand coaches that Bowden is putting together. Amato replaces Kevin Cosgrove, who was let go along with Ianello. And the reasoning behind this, I'm guessing, is Amato's Florida State/Bowden-like ties. Or perhaps his sunglasses. Really hard to tell.

Bowden still has to get an offensive coordinator to replace John Latina. Your guess is as good as mine as to who it'll be. Ron Zook? Let's go with Ron Zook. That'd be super-fun.