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Bernard Pierce Goes To The NFL: Temple Shall Keep Running Evermore

I wish I knew more about the intrinsic traits about football players, but even as an ignorant football watcher it seems pretty evident that Bernard Pierce is an NFL running back, and was so even this year. As Temple's main tailback he was a focal point for the last three years in the MAC, and even the AQ-conference teams had trouble with him. If he had a minus on his side it'd be all these nagging injuries he's had, especially in his sophomore year, but nonetheless he's been able to muster 21 carries a game this year.

But rather than try to help Temple finally get a MAC East title, Pierce has decided to enter the NFL Draft, not unlike his former teammate Muhammad Wilkerson, and that worked out well for him.

It seems like he's fast enough, strong enough, and just overall polished to be — just spitballing here — a third- or fourth-round draft pick. Maybe more, if teams can be impressed. But it seems like a lot of teams don't spoil first-round picks on running backs unless they think they're elite. Stephen Davis comes to mind, although that's probably a terrible comparison for reasons unknown.

As for Temple's running game next year, it'll certainly look different and not as bruising. Matt Brown aims to be the primary guy, but he's a little dude. Chris Coyer will then supplement the rushing from the quarterback spot, and if a third rusher factors into the mix you can look at Kenneth Harper, the only other running back on the 2011 roster who ran for a touchdown. He'll be a sophomore next year and has Pierce's similar frame, not to mention a jersey number (29) right below Pierce's (30). Not sure how much you should read into that.

But, man, Temple's got some nice talent in the NFL Draft. Along with Pierce, former MAC DPOY lineman AAdrian Robinson should get taken but probably as a linebacker. Other draftables include tight end Evan Rodriguez (more of a blocker than catcher), guard Derek Dennis and linebacker Tahir Whitehead. It's a rather formidable quintet of talented possible pros. Remind me again why this team couldn't beat Bowling Green?