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Central Michigan's Friday Fetish

America is a country of college football junkies who adore the MAC for their weeknight football games which placate their bloodlust between Saturdays. But what's the deal with this Friday nonsense?

Matthew Holst - Getty Images

Tuesday night football is downright goofy, but it's what the MAC has come to schedule so they can get on TV. Football is no longer a thing for the weekends, because ESPN needs to fill prime-time real estate somehow and they can't use just poker. Well, they could. But DON'T TELL THEM THAT.

(I'm also operating under the assumption that the NFL is playing games on Thursday to be more like the MAC. Just go with it.)

Central Michigan is no exception to this — they'll play on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday ... Friday, lots of Fridays. Hey, about that. What's the deal with Fridays?

The evening of Friday is a crucial one in the ritual of college football. With an evening before college football, it's one in which you recharge the batteries, get ready for the day ahead of you, or in the case of a MAC man, digest the Wednesday or Thursday games. Friday is a buffer day.

It's also a day CMU really enjoys playing football. Since 2010 — not counting "MAC Friday" after Thanksgiving — they've played three Friday night games, and this will be their fourth such shindig. It's probably just a coincidence, unless it isn't, in which case they should stop it. We like to pretend we have lives, because we sure as heck don't show it on Saturday evenings.