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MAC Pick'em Week 7 Break-Down

This is not a results show! This is how each game this week was picked as a spread.




Navy @ CMU 6-5 Navy This game is done, and overall leader ChippewaBlue got this wrong
Kent St @ Army 10-1 Kent St Lone Wolf: numbersdontlie.
Toledo @ EMU 11-0 Toledo
Akron @ Ohio 11-0 Ohio Both of the division favorites are unanimous selections this week.
WMU @ Ball St 10-1 Ball St Lone Wolf: me. MAC Game of the Week. If WMU wins, I'm back in this
Miami @ BGSU 8-3 BGSU Some people up top trying to jostle for higher position on Chip.
Buffalo @ NIU 11-0 NIU Another division favorite unquestioned as favorites.

High Team Votes: Toledo (5), NIU (2), Ohio (2), Ball St (1), WMU (1).
Low Team Votes: EMU (5), CMU (3), Akron (2), Miami (1)