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Toledo and EMU Have Scored 6 Touchdowns in Under 3 Minutes (UPDATE: 7.) (UPDATE: 8.)

3rd Quarter....

  1. EMU 10:18 Bronson Hill 47 yard TD run.
  2. TOL 10:06 Bernard Reedy 86 yard TD kickoff return.
  3. EMU 8:59 Bronson Hill 58 yard TD run.
  4. TOL 8:46 Terrance Owens pass to Bernard Reedy 65 yard TD Catch
  5. EMU 8:27 Bronson Hill (again) 70 yard TD run.
  6. TOL 6:55 Terrance Owens pass to Alonzo Russell 60 yard TD Catch
5 minutes left in the 3rd, Toledo still leads 42-30. And you thought Toledo-CMU was going to be the shootout.

UPDATE: Eastern just scored again, Tyler Benz hit Tyreese Russell on a 41 yard pass. 42-37, The barn is officially burning.

UPDATE 2: Terrance Owens hits Bernard Reedy on a 59 yard touchdown pass, and this stuff is officially bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. 49-37.